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לעברית לחצו כאן

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The best rooftop event in the 💙 of Tel Aviv! 

All Shabbat meals in a special location with the best atmosphere and people from all over Israel!



The Friday night meal will be held on the rooftop of Rashi Synagogue. 63, Sderot Rothschild and Habima. 

A Shabbat afternoon Kiddush and lunch will be held the next day in the synagogue's air-conditioned hall. 

Be among a diverse mix of young professionals, Israelis and Americans alike, New Olim and great people from all over Israel.

Guests who are staying in Tel Aviv are invited to stay at "MOTEL 24" located a 5-minute walk from the synagogue.


You can purchase a ticket for 2 meals + accommodation at an attractive price.  

Get ready for an unforgettable Shabbat full of songs, experiences, new people, great food and many more surprises to come🎁  

Keep in mind that the number of spots are limited. 
Ticket sales will stop when we reach the maximum quota.

A festive Kabalat Shabbat and Shabbat prayers will of course be held at the Rashi 63 Synagogue.



Welcome to "MOTEL 24"
Hotel accommodation in the heart of Tel Aviv.

The hotel is located inside a historic building for preservation near Rothschild Boulevard.
In a 2-story building where each floor has very spacious bedrooms and a shared bathroom.

Each floor has a separate entrance.
The men will be accommodated on the ground floor and the women will be accommodated on the upper floor.

The separation will be maintained throughout Shabbat, so please be respect the rules. 

In the hotel there is a large kitchen with a refrigerator, hot plate and a Shabbat oven.
Guests can enjoy the common surrounding yard.
The hotel is located in the heart of Tel Aviv near Rothschild Boulevard and HaBima Square.
Address: 24 Karmia St. Tel Aviv.
A 5-minute walk from Rashi 63 Synagogue (location of the meals).

More details in a WhatsApp message

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